Altek Motion is a Value-Added Manufacturer of Brushless DC Motors. We have been supplying these motion products to OEMs’ for many years. Our customers come from all markets and areas of technology.

Our Products

  • Brushless DC Motors and Servomotors
    • Core (Slotted) Brushless DC Motors and Servomotors
    • Coreless (Slotless) Brushless DC Motors and Servomotors
  • Linear Servomotors (U-Slot Linear Coreless Servomotors)

All our motor products can be customized to meet our customer's specific requirements. The DC Brushless Motor designs have unlimited capabilities and easily characterized to meet our customer’s requirements. If our customer requires a low cost high quality motor to a high performance servomotor, we design and manufacture it.

All our partners are ISO Certified and hold several certificates and awards for quality. All our customers are invited to visit any of our partners. Many customers have brought their own QC employees to audit our factories. We welcome your visit.

About US

Altek Motion’s products are used successfully in many different applications in many different markets such as Medical and Laboratory Equipment, Semiconductor, Packaging, Machine Tool, Printing Machines, Mobility Equipment, Telecommunication Equipment, Security and Monitoring Equipment just to mention a few..


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