Altek Motion designs and manufacturers both core (slotted) and coreless (slotless) brushes dc motors. Both these designs offer unique benefits. Contact Altek Motion so we can provide detailed drawings and specifications to assist you at selecting the best motor solution for the application.

Brushless DC Motors and servomotors

These motors typically have hall sensors either in the motor or encoder for commutation. However, we are seeing more customers deign sensorless amplifiers into their product to eliminate the need for halls.

  • Frame sizes (custom frame sizes available per customer requirements)
    • Round Mounting and body: 22 mm, 28 mm, 33 mm, 36 mm, 39 mm, 42 mm, 57 mm, 60 mm
    • Square Mounting and body: 42 mm, 52 mm, 57 mm, 80 mm, 86 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm, 130 mm
    • NEMA configurations: 17, 23 and 34
  • These motors have copper wound stators and wound to meet any customers DC bus voltage. This includes high voltage to match drives operating directly off the AC power line; 120 VAC, 220 VAC, 380 VAC and 480 VAC
  • All our designs have neodymium magnets
  • Different frame sizes come with 2 poles to 10 poles (1 to 5 pole pairs). The more poles will improve torque, but limits maximum rpm.
  • Our designs include silicon plate laminations or segmented laminations. Segmented lamination technology provides 25 – 30% more torque and low cogging in same frame size motor as stamped iron laminations. This is the latest technology and only provided by the most advanced motor manufacturers.
  • Feedback Options:
    • Optical Encoders
    • Capacitive Encoder – programmable
    • Magnetic Encoders
    • Absolute encoders
  • The connectivity for power input can be individual wire leads or a cable.
  • Fail-safe brakes
  • IP40 – IP68 environmental ratings
  • Gearboxes are available on all motors.

We have supplied hundreds of these motors and most customized for customers. We provide windings to match our customers bus voltage, rated torque and rated rpm to provide customers the most efficient solution. We provide special shafts with a gear or component at the end of the shaft and custom mounting brackets. In some cases, we have provided a custom assembly integrated with the motor.

Altek Motion is a supplier of Brushless DC Motors to the OEM market.  We don’t inventory any products except those for specific customers. The more traditional copper wound lamination design (cored) for the OEM market is rarely a standard offering. Therefore we ask for specifications up front from customer. We will then return with a drawing/specs meeting the customers requirement.  This is more efficient for the customer.

Respond to us with your following specs/requirements: bus voltage, RPM _ max and min, rated RPM, rated torque, feedback type/resolution, mounting requirements (NEMA or mm dia) and IP rating. Please add any other specific details you require. We will reply with a drawing/specs for your review.

Electric Motors